Fresh red basil microgreens from the manufacturer

Red basil microgreens

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Basil microgreens RusEco have a peppery herby taste. They are a perfect addition to fresh salads, meat and fish dishes.

Microgreens are young sprouts up to two weeks old. They contain 10 times more nutrient elements than adult plants.
35 g
Package type
Pallet for microgreens
Package dimensions (WхLхH)
140x140x90 mm
Box capacity
12 packages
Europallet capacity
64 boxes
Europallet weight, gross
175,9 kg
Свежая микрозелень красного базилика от производителя | 35 г | Лоток для микрозелени
Storage conditions
+2 to +6 °C
Nutritional content
Proteins 3,2 g (per 100 g)
Fats 0,6 g (per 100 g)
Carbohydrates 2,7 g (per 100 g)
Calorific value
28 kcal (per 100 g)