Fresh mint from the manufacturer


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Mint RusEco is rich in the essential oil with high menthol content.

By adding a small amount of mint the dishes become more light and fresh. Mint curbs the appetite and sweet cravings.

The menthol aroma of mint will give an energy boost to the body, help you recover strength and make you feel like new.
30 g
50 g
Package type
Pallet and flow-pack
Package dimensions (WхLхH)
80х200х50 mm — 30 g
80х225х50 mm — 50 g
Box capacity
16 packages
Europallet capacity
64 boxes
Europallet weight, gross
49,8 kg — 30 g
71,4 kg — 50 g
Best before date
21 days from the date of packaging
Storage conditions
+2 to +6 °C
Prepackaging variants
Pallet and flow-pack: 30 and 50 g
Nutritional content
Proteins 3,3 g (per 100 g)
Fats 0,7 g (per 100 g)
Carbohydrates 8,4 g (per 100 g)
Calorific value
53 kcal (per 100 g)