Secret of success of the city farm RusEco:
best seeds, clean water, smart light, flawless air
The seeds for our farm are supplied by a leading seed-manufacturer from Europe that guarantees high quality.
Best seeds
The harvest grows in a natural nutritional medium. The water that is used for watering the plants passes through a multi-level filtration system.v
Clean water
Seeds get light energy from LED phytolamps that create the conditions that are favourable for growth of plant. The lamps are custom-made.
Smart light
The greens breathe fresh air that has passed through a multi-level filtration system. Such an air has a positive impact on the ripening of the harvest and on its eating qualities.
Flawless air
Thanks to the ideal microclimate and the closed structure of the farm our greens grow equally successfully both in winter and in summer, in daytime and at night, in fine or cloudy weather.
Steady harvest
We gather and package ourselves the harvest that we have grown. We always maintain high quality and promptly release the greens to the consumers.
24/7 release
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