Harvest RusEco not overcome thousands of kilometers.
Fresh herbs growing next to you.
RusEco is a Russian manufacturer that is registered and operates in Moscow.

We want people to get access to tasty and nutritional food products that are grown with care inside the country for its residents.

Import substitution

A substantial part of greens on the Russian market is formed by imported products.
The time span between harvesting and delivery is several weeks.
Our harvest ripens near you, it doesn't need complex logistics.
You get fresh greens right from the seedbed.
In Moscow we are the pioneers of vertical agriculture on a commercial scale. The Company combines traditional farming with advanced agricultural solutions.

Our greens grow on vertical farms with water recirculation system. Such approach allows to use urban space efficiently and to consume water sparingly.

The harvest from every m² of the farm is 10 ten times bigger than that of a green-house.
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